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Welcome to Fletcher Custom Pistols, LLC

Fletcher Custom Pistols, LLC is a one-man custom shop dedicated to providing services to personalize 1911 pistols, Browning Hi-Powers' and Smith & Wesson revolvers to each customer's needs.  I have selected to specialize on only these model firearms as I believe they represent the best in combat handguns to which custom work can be performed to complement an individual's taste.  By limiting work to these models only, this also means that I have become intimately familiar with their individual functionalities.  All work (excluding some refinishing services) is performed completely in-house with pride of craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.  Particular attention is paid to reliability, match accuracy and ergonomics; much of which has been garnered from IDPA and other competition shooting.  My work is primarily targeted toward the defensive pistol, concealed carry and IDPA competition market.  When you have your pistol or revolver customized, you will discover what a true custom handgun is:  it is the craftsmanship that comes from many hours of painstaking work.  My goal is to provide you with services that will give complete satisfaction. 

I would also like to thank the master pistolsmiths who have graciously donated their time and skills in the past  to educate myself and others.  Jack Weigand (American Pistolsmith’s Guild 1999 Pistolsmith of the Year) taught customizing and accurizing both the 1911 pistol and the Smith & Wesson revolver.  Jim Stroh of Alpha Precision, Inc. (American Pistolsmith's Guild 1996 Pistolsmith of the Year) also taught a tremendous amount about 1911 accurizing.  Noted revolversmith Ron Power of Power Custom, Inc. (American Pistolsmith's Guild 1986 Pistolsmith of the Year) taught  accurizing and competition action work on Smith & Wesson revolvers.  I am grateful to these gentlemen as they have been a tremendous resource and inspiration.

Thank you,
Richard Fletcher


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